Sunday, January 30, 2011


Some of my favorite videos currently.

Technology used for beautiful results:

Local high school students proving that school spirit is still alive and well...and incredibly choreographed:

Two unlikely friends:

A comedic genius (who I will be seeing in less than two months!)

Adorable baby + Will Ferrell = AMAZING!
(I don't condone teaching curse words to babies or teaching them how to "get their drink on." In fact, I advise against it.)

 Aaron and I are like two old people. You know this already. We subscribe to magazines like National Geographic, because that's what old people do. In this past issue, these sweet-faced monkeys popped out at me (well, popped out at Aaron, who noted that I would love it). They remind me a bit of Foo Foo, which is strange because I tend to have sympathy for most animals because they "look a bit like Foo Foo." Must be in the eyes. Anyhow, these poor Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys have become prey for humans for food, for their bones in so-called "medicinal" purposes, and for their fur. Poor little dumpling babies. I think they are darling.

Photography by Cyril Ruoso/JH Editorial/Minden Pictures
National Geographic February 2011
Click here for more snub noses.

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