Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

And you thought Christmas was over.

Yeah, so I'm slow. And I've got a few more after this post, too. But it's snowing outside, so it seems sort of like Christmas, right?

The family got together on Christmas Day to celebrate and to exchange gifts with each other. Of course, since the babies are still so young and fun, they got the most gifts.

 Aidan shows off his Thomas the Tank Engine pj's and outfit. He was oh so proud.
 "Aunt Kelly, can I open another present? I really like opening presents."

 More Thomas clothes!
 The wrapping paper attacks Livi.

 But Mommy will help.

 Jesse got a lollipop from Kelly. Look how happy he is! :-)

 Aidan and his favorite person..."Uncle Jabob"

 Livi loves Uncle Jabob, too.

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