Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have been obsessed with the "Sissi" trilogy, a  loose biography of Empress Elisabeth "Sissi" of Austria. It is such a lovely movie and makes her life seem idyllic even though it was actually a bit tragic. Romy Schneider was absolutely stunning in this movie, making the viewer fall in love with Sissi, just as everyone in the movie does. And it's partially about Bavaria, which is my favorite place on this earth. When I think of Heaven, I think mine (God willing I get there) will have the mountains and woods and lakes of Bavaria.

Aren't you always a bit disappointed when you become interested in a topic, do a little research, and then don't like what you find? I thought Romy Schneider would be much like her "Sissi" character: sweet, loveable, strong, smart, and someone who thrives in the outdoors.

Romy Schneider, unfortunately, was nothing like her character. I had a difficult time finding photos of her with clothes on. She was defiant, scandalous, and someone who makes very poor decisions with her life.

 I am crazy about these photos, though.

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