Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Hollywood Bombshells

I've had my fair share of haircolor identity crises. Bleach blond, the darkest brown, skunky name it, I've been through it. What was I thinking this time??? Pink highlights...that's pretty crazy.

Ha ha! Just kidding...they're really just clip in hair extensions that I got at Sally's Beauty Supply for $3 a piece! I really do want a streak of pink hair though underneath my hair so that when I pull it up in a ponytail, you can see the pink streak. I also want to get my nose pierced, but you just can't have that stuff at work.
I have actually been going through this red phase over the past year, which is a new color for me. Most days I don't think about it because it doesn't look red to me. But if I get in the right light, you can really notice it and that's when people usually say to me, "Did you do something different with your hair?" And I say, Yup, but it's been this color for awhile. And most people seem to like it okay. We'll see what the next haircolor holds in store for me.
 I didn't used to like red hair. But I absolutely love it now. I think that redhead actresses are just stunning. So here are a few of them. Doesn't mean I think they're good fact, they're actresses so most of them are pretty immoral. But here they are anyway.

Amy Adams
Bryce Dallas Howard
Julianne Moore

A word to the wise...don't see "Chloe." It's a terrible and corrupt movie. Seriously.
Nicole Kidman
Marcia Cross

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