Saturday, May 21, 2011

Postcrossing Mid-May 2011

 I've been lazy this month...just sending out more of the postcards I made from my photo at Parkview Field. Sent to Tuulikki in Finland, Galina in Belarus, Kurt in Germany, & Yvette in The Netherlands.
To Anonymous in Algeria. The last one I sent was never registered in Postcrossing and had expired, so I'm resending a new one.
To Little Elina in Finland. Another case of a missing postcard becoming expired, so I'm sending Honest Abe this time and hoping it makes its way to Elina.

From Tonya in Chicago, who recently visited the lovely city of Paris

 To Ron in Long Beach, CA
A photo of Jefferson Davis
To Natalia in Russia
A photo of Dorothy Thompson, American journalist

To Aiko in Japan
A photo of Ulysses S. Grant

Happy Postcrossing!

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