Monday, October 13, 2008


Hey, Mr. Kellyman, Kelly Me Bananas....

This is Kelly Marie. 10 years ago, I took this photo. Kelly was 3 then. It is much too hard for me to believe that she is 13 years old today.

I came up with the name "Kelly," and from that time on she became my little buddy. When Kelly was a baby, we all said that she was the MOST beautiful baby ever born, and that still holds true today (sorry to my other brothers and sisters, but we all know it's true). She was born with dark brown hair, but it all fell out and became blonde, so that she had dark skin, big chocolate brown eyes, thick dark lashes and eyebrows, and bleach blonde hair. She was gorgeous.

Kelly has always been a hard worker, too. She has had a paper route for many years...was this the first of many times you earned Carrier Of The Month, Kellyman?
But Kelly has more than just a hard work ethic and good looks. She has personality. This is what makes everyone love that little Kellyman. She has always been funny, quirky, a downright class clown. The other day, a telemarketer called the house asking for my parents. Kelly breaks into some line about, "Would you like to donate to the SALF...the Save A Llama Foundation? It's only a few dollars a month and you could save your very own llama." Okay, so that's not verbatim, and her version was much funnier, but this really did happen. One time she and Cassie the neighbor girl and Little Lucy recorded the answering machine message as a rap song. Nothing is dull when Kelly's around...and that's what I love about her.
Kelly's also disgustingly athletic. She began dancing as a little girl and now also is fantastic at cross country, track, and softball. What can't this girl do?
Kelly has the kindest heart of any person I have ever met....she truly has a heart of gold. This is Kelly with her friend who used to live nearby, but he had to move away (he was in a foster home), and Kelly was devastated. These two were inseparable. I had to put this photo in the blog to make the Workmans cry.

Kelly has always been my little buddy. When she was little, "Superstar" was a popular movie (don't worry, I didn't let her watch it!), and we used to go around saying "Superstar!" together just like in the movie. KELLYMAN, YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!

When she was a baby, I was in high school and didn't have my license yet. We were so inseparable that people thought she was my baby. We would go to storytime at the library as often as possible, and I would push her in her stroller. That is one of my favorite memories of us together, Kelly. I will always think of you as that beautiful little baby riding along in your stroller.

This photo was taken at our wedding, and I have always displayed it because I love to see Kelly having so much fun. You are stunning in this photo, Kellyman, and I love that you are such a good big sister.

This is one of the most recent photos of Kelly that I have (although it is from over a year ago).


You have become such an amazing person! You are BEAUTIFUL, intelligent, outgoing, friendly, polite, HILARIOUS, kind, gifted....YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I hope you don't mind that I will always think of you as "my baby sister," but that is when we met, when we knew we'd be buddies for life, when I first loved you. You will always be my little buddy, no matter how far away we live or how often we see each other. You can call me for anything, at any time. Keep living your life the way you always have, and you will never disappoint anybody. It's tough to be a teenager, but it's even tougher if you make bad choices. I know that you will make GREAT choices, and if you ever doubt, you can always ask. You are meant for greatness, Kelly, I just know it. You are absolutely awesome, and I love you. And now, a little song that we used to sing to make Kelly Belly happy when she was a wee little thing:

We love the Kellyman, oh yes, we do

'Cause she's the Kellyman, and loves us, too

She's the Kellyman, a Baby Kellyman



Happy 13th Birthday, Kellyman!!!

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