Friday, December 26, 2008

A Merry Christmas at the Workman Household...

Every year on Christmas Eve we go to my parents' house and celebrate. We usually go to the 4PM Children's Mass, but this year we did the Midnight Mass thing...whew! Was I sleepy when I got home!

I made Birthday cupcakes for Jesus
and we had fajitas (not our traditional Christmas dish, but they sure were yummy!)

Mary and her fiance Trent were there (this is his "cheesy" face)

with their new puggle, Maggie.

Jesse and Stephanie came, too...

and we all got to feel Baby Workman hiccup!

A mother's work is never done....even on Christmas Eve!

The Notre Dame v. Hawaii football game was on, so guess where the guys were!

My little buddy, the Kellyman

and Great Grandma Sipe.

Meanwhile, the sisters took some photos.

Rachel got a new dress for Christmas.

Lucy got some play dough,

"Guess Who" (which Daddy helped her put together),

& a ballerina dress for her build-a-bear. It was so cute...Lucy has an American Doll and a Build-A-Bear, which are both actually Kelly's. First of all, Lucy drew lipstick on the Build-A-Bear. Then we witnessed her giving gifts...which were old books that she wrapped her doll and bear. (By the way, she calls them "people" and gets really upset if you call them a "bear" or a "doll")

Kelly received a scarf which her Secret Santa, Stephanie, knit in just 3 days!

Rachel getting ready to look like a movie star.

The Workman kids who still live at home.

All the kids....

Watch Maggie's face get increasingly angry...



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