Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Today is my dad's birthday.

A lot of people are afraid of my dad because of his "power mustache" or the fact that he has a black belt, but really he's not scary at all. In fact, my dad is awesome.

When I was living at home, my car would break down on a regular basis. And no matter what was wrong or where I was, Dad would come out and fix it. One time I was stuck on the side of Hwy. 3 and Dad fixed the serpentine belt on old Henry (the Ford Taurus) in the freezing cold and wind while semis blew past. This was not an uncommon occurrence. Dad always took care of it.

This was once written about my dad by a friend on Facebook:

You met randomly: He is constantly training martial arts techniques, running computer simulation of combat or meditating. I have never figured out quite what he is training for. Numerous attempts to train others have left them injured and unwilling to continue training. He is Roman Catholic He leaves for days at a time. When you ask where he goes you are given vague details about a printing operation and a random list of cities. What he does is largely unknown. He drives a Lincoln Continental. A car known for its spacious trunk. He and his family enjoy Italian food. He once captured at least six teenagers who were defacing his property and turned them in at the police station. These teens should have been able to out run a normal middle aged man. He detained them and then without restraint took them to the police station. He enjoys cigars. He changes his hair and facial hair style often. He has eight children. (Current estimates calculate the cost of raising one child at a quarter of a million) I can only assume that he is a contract killer for the mob.

When I was little, I was definitely a Daddy's Girl. He picked us up "by our ears", and he could put a grape in his ear and it would come out his mouth. Dad is BIG on genealogy, and when we were kids we would inevitably be conned into looking through gravestones for our ancestors on family vacations.

Dad is the best. He always knows what to do, and he'll help out in a jam. My dad taught me have a strong faith, strong morals, strong beliefs. Because of him I am a better person today.


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