Friday, February 6, 2009

Ms. Pendleton's Wardrobe

Ms. Pendleton bought this hat some time ago, but her hair was much too short to wear it. What a happy day when she was able to wear it for the first time! And The Cowboy said that she looked "quite cute." Well, that really made my day!
However, The Cowboy also said that I look like I'm getting into mischief when I cock it to the side. Well, maybe I am!

It was also said that I looked like I am searching for clues. As you can see, I had to take these in my car, which must have looked quite silly to other people!
Feeling Posey again...with Mademoiselle Foo Foo's tail in the photo.
I put on some slacks, but it just didn't feel right...I needed a skirt!
And first attempt at knee-high socks! Oh, how I love them! (Why is there always a pet in my photos? Also, apologies for the fuzziness of the photo...I can't use a flash because of the glare on the mirror but then it turns my photos fuzzy.)

Thinking about tomorrow's Posey outfit...

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