Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crab cakes and creme brulee...

Good results from the doctor...I can start drinking again. Although I don't like to drink to get drunk, but rather to savor the taste (since I don't drink often, I splurge a little on what I really like). Anyhow, another surgery around Octoberish, and then I'm done with this dreadful business! Well, except that Crohn's Disease is chronic, but that's beside the point.

A girl from work and I put together a little ceremony last night for our company's scholarship recipients, which went quite well, but by the time I arrived home I had only an hour to spend with hubby. I was a little disappointed, but then he asked me if I wanted Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or...gasp...Club Soda (which is pretty much one of my favorite places in the whole world!). He was supposed to work, but something needed fixed at work before he could do his job, so he got the night off (at the sacrifice of his Saturday...bummer). Of course, I chose Club Soda.

Club Soda is the kind of place you go to feel really special. It is a ritzy jazz club with $8 martinis and a great atmosphere. We usually just get martinis and an appetizer (because it's quite pricey), but since it's been a little rough lately, what with his demanding job and my recent medical issues, we decided to splurge. For some odd reason, I had been craving tomato and fresh mozzarella...and guess what was on the menu? A tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad. So there was that, some crab cakes and two French Martinis for me; a t-bone and baked potato and two gin martinis for Aaron. And oh, so heavenly, a creme brulee to share for dessert!
Yummy, yummy, yummy! If you go, get a martini. Harrison Ford did. Yes he did! I'm totally serious! He was flying over Fort Wayne, something happened to make him land (a storm, so I hear), and he asked where the best steak in town was. They told him Club Soda, he went, he sat at the bar, and now there is a martini named after him. Oh, how I wish I were there that night! I have a huge crush on the man, no matter how much older he is than me! I hear that he returns each year, just as he promised, kind of like Santa Claus. Wouldn't that be something? To see Harrison Ford in our own little Fort?

Well, anyhow, so then we ventured over to Headwaters Park, which was a bit creepy since it was so late, but pretty cool, too.

View from bridge at Headwaters Park

Bridge at Headwaters Park
Then off to the Fort. I don't know if we could get in trouble by being there. There wasn't anything posted saying we couldn't, and it wasn't locked up or anything. So we walked in. Pretty cool.

The Fort

Aaron running through the fountains at Headwaters Park
Then back to the park to do something so out of character for me...I decided we should run through the fountains fully clothed (although, I think it would be even more out of character for me if I decided to run fully unclothed through the fountains!)

It was a lovely night.

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