Monday, August 31, 2009

Practice makes perfect...or a really yummy treat!

I'm hosting a baby shower for my younger sister, Mary, on Sunday, and I've been racking my brains with tasty things to nibble on at the party. I thought maybe I should practice, and Aaron has been my guinea pig. This is the Summer of the Blueberry, I've decided, since I've been craving them all summer long.
So the yummy goodness I tried out tonight was this little piece of heaven. I took mini phyllo shells, baked for 5 minutes. Then fill with a Neufchatel cheese, sugar, lemon juice mixture, and top with blueberries. They are bite-sized and wonderful, but Aaron said my lemon-sugar ratio was off, which must have been way off, because he doesn't really like sugar and he said that there wasn't enough. Guess I overdid it with the lemon. Good thing I practiced, or all of the guests would have been walking around with puckered lips, and then no one could have carried on a conversation because their lips would be stuck out and their cheeks sucked it and their eyes all squinty. That would have been embarrassing!

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