Thursday, September 3, 2009

100 Things You Probably Don't Care To Know About Me

In honor of my 100th blog, I am doing the trite ritual of the "100 things about me" post. Get ready for some pretty lame stuff.

1. Yellow is my favorite color because it’s sunny and happy, pink because it’s girly, but my closet is pretty much full of black.
2. My bedroom was all pink when I briefly had my own room growing up. Pink telephone, pink carpet (shag!), pink lamp, pink comforter….pink, pink, pink!
3. I’ve only ever had my own room for a total of about 2 years in my life – once before Jesse was born, once for a few months before Mary moved into it.
4. I went to 5 elementary schools: Fremont, St. Vincent’s, Northcrest, St. Jude’s, St. John’s.
5. Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn (she’s stunning); Favorite actor: Jimmy Stewart; Sexiest actor ever: Cary Grant
6. Movies I always cry at: “It’s a Wonderful Life” (the end when they sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’) and “Meet Me in St. Louis” (when Judy Garland sings ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas right after Tootie knocks over the snowmen).
7. Favorite children’s book: The Owl and the Pussycat
8. Named after: the song by the group Bread, aptly named ‘Aubrey’
9. Biggest fears: death (mine or someone I love), getting old (which leads to death) and tidal waves (don’t think this will confront me anytime soon living in H-Town)
10. What I wanted to be when “I grew up”: nun (that one’s out), artist, fashion designer, stay-at-home mom
11. Favorite sports teams: Cubs, Colts, Notre Dame, New Haven High School
12. Pet I wish I owned: a capuchin monkey (dance monkey, dance!)
13. Car I wish I owned: ’69 Chevy Nova SS
14. I have two dogs, two cats, two goats, and as of tomorrow, we will be selling our horse
15. I always wanted to live in the city – like, a big city
16. I live on 5 acres amid the Indiana cornfields
17. Drink of choice: Cosmopolitan
18. Favorite restaurant: Club Soda
19. I hate when parents don't teach their kids how to respect others, especially their elders, and I hate know-it-alls.
20. Favorite songs: ‘It Never Entered My Mind’ (Miles Davis), Keep Your Hands to Yourself (Georgia Satellites), ‘Show Must Go On’ (Queen), ‘Go All the Way’ (Raspberries)…there are too many more to count.
21. Fondest childhood memories: Singing ‘Keep On Dancing’ (Bay City Rollers) and dancing around the living room with Rocky Raccoon (my stuffed raccoon) and my mom and dad; Car rides in the country with the family as a form of entertainment. We would always ask where we were going, and my mom would say “We’re going cra-zy!”
22. Movies to watch when I’m sick: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “You’ve Got Mail”
23. Siblings: seven, all younger...same mom, same dad.
24. My mom is 20 years older than me, and I am 20 years older than my youngest sibling.
25. I was voted “Friendliest” by my classmates in my senior year of high school.
26. I was Latin Club President, Key Club President, and on Spell Bowl in high school – in other words, I was a major geek!
27. I have an Associate’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.
28. It took me 7 ½ years to earn my Bachelor’s Degree because of various obstacles.
29. I love to walk in the dewy grass barefoot and dance in the rain.
30. Favorite smells: pipe tobacco, fresh-cut grass, musty old library books, laundry detergent, lilacs, babies
31. When I was in the 3rd grade, my mom packed butterscotch pudding in my lunch every day. When kids asked why, I said that I was allergic to pudding and that Scott’s Food Stores made it especially for me in the back. They believed me and thought it was awesome. It doesn’t make much sense now.
32. I cried for days (secretly, of course) when I first got married because I was so homesick.
33. I can’t imagine being married to anyone better than Aaron.
34. I often feel bad for Aaron that he got stuck with a crazy, paranoid girl like me.
35. Aaron calls me “Worst Case Scenario Girl” because I always think of what the worst possible outcome could arise from a situation.
36. I once jumped on my sister Mary’s back, pulled her hair, then paid her not to tell on me. That wasn’t the first time I paid her not to tell on me. We fought a lot (we’re great friends now).
37. Favorite era for fashion: 1960s
38. Favorite ice cream: cookies and cream
39. After my first surgery (and ever since), I’ve felt like a huge chunk was missing from my life.
40. I secretly love it when people accidentally say “Aubrey” Hepburn instead of “Audrey” because I’m standing there and they confuse the names.
41. I ate a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch in the 4th grade because I liked it.
42. My goals are solve a rubix cube (done), travel to Germany (done), travel to NYC (only 1 ½ weeks!), learn German (working on it), learn to play the violin, learn to make real German pretzels, learn to polka (okay, that’s a lot of German stuff!), publish a children’s book.
43. I went to an Aerosmith concert with a friend when I first met Aaron, and he was sitting all the way across the Coliseum from us. A groupie gave my friend and me front row seats before the concert, and Steven Tyler touched my hand. Aaron saw me on the jumbotron, too. Pretty awesome.
44. Favorite jam: blueberry
45. First job (other than baby-sitting): Coffee Pot-Pourri, a little coffee shop down the street from where I lived. I was 15 years old and made $5.15 an hour.
46. Concerts I’ve seen: Aerosmith, Three Dog Night, Chicago, John Mellencamp, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson with John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan
47. I get homesick for my family a lot.
48. I won the Young Authors Award twice growing up: once in 2nd grade and once in 4th grade.
49. During the summer before my 7th grade year, I went to pull a folding chair in as I sat down on it and nearly severed the tip of my middle finger. After the doctor stitched it up and bandaged it, they made me walk out of the hospital with my hand elevated. The nurses and doctor all laughed at me because it looked like I was flipping everybody off.
50. I’ve had 4 serious boyfriends. The first three were jerks. The last one a keeper.
51. My mom always called me “Aub Aub the Tulip Bulb” or “Shelly” (my middle name is Michelle). My Uncle Tom called me “Berry” (such as, Aub-berry), and my Uncle Brad called me “Smelly” (and sometimes still does). A lot of people call me “Aubs.”
52. I learned how to curse in German from my mom when I was a kid (she denies it).
53. Sometimes when I’m talking with someone, a word will stick out to me, and I will secretly “air-type” it with my fingers.
54. I love to swim.
55. I feel like I’m suffocating if someone sprays me in the face with water.
56. Breakfast is my favorite meal. Who needs lunch and supper anyway?
57. I write just to write sometimes. My fingers need it.
58. I’m a coffee addict. I used to drink 3 cups a day, but I’ve since cut back (or used a really big mug).
59. I have a scar where my navel was pierced. I’d love to have my nose pierced, but I don’t want a scar, so I just put a crystal nail decal on my nose instead.
60. I thought “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by CCR was “Have you ever seen your brain?” I also thought that the church hymn “You Satisfy the Hungry Heart” was “You Satisfy the Humbly Hums.” I don’t really know what that means.
61. I will never try sushi.
62. I almost died once. The nurses at the hospital overdosed me. Robodoc saved my life.
63. I wish I had a European accent.
64. My alias is Posey Pendleton, and she’s British.
65. I often don’t have a filter between my brain and my mouth when I’m passionate about an issue.
66. In high school I made a plan to graduate college at 22 (nope), marry at 22 (yep), work as a CPA (no), have a baby at 23 (not that I know of), and write a novel (that’s funny). Well, at least I got one right.
67. I love crowds.
68. Two weeks before my wedding, my front tooth died and had to be pulled (long story). I essentially had a denture held in with Fixodent for my wedding and was terrified it would fall out. I made Aaron promise not to shove cake in my mouth. I now have an implanted porcelain front tooth.
69. I am 5 feet tall (and ¼ inch).
70. I talk to Foo Foo like she is a child and tell her not to use foul language when she barks too much.
71. I have 23 headbands and somewhere around 75 pairs of shoes (I’ve lost count).
72. I don’t believe in ghosts, yet I’m terrified of seeing one.
73. I have been the maid of honor in 3 weddings and the flower girl in 3 weddings.
74. I once was so happy to be home after a family vacation that I ran into a screen door thinking that it was open. Let me tell you…that really hurts.
75. I won a softball game by getting clocked in the forehead with a softball.
76. I am a member of the local German Heritage Society.
77. I wish I had brown eyes.
78. I have five calendars. It’s like I collect them or something.
79. I like to dunk peanut butter cookies in my coffee.
80. I must have peanut M&M’s and popcorn when I watch a movie, and I must have some of both in each handful I eat.
81. My first crush was in kindergarten, the son of the doctor. He gave me junky plastic rings when I went to my doctor’s visits.
82. I prefer 4 inch heels over flats.
83. I sprained my ankle wearing gym shoes, and I all I was doing was walking.
84. My grandparents have an in-ground swimming pool, yet I have never learned to dive.
85. My husband almost didn’t ask me out on a 2nd date because I didn’t reach across the seat in the car to open the door for him.
86. My husband was not the man I was expecting to show up for our first date. I’m glad he was.
87. I run flat-footed.
88. I hate to exercise.
89. I became an Independent two days ago (officially, as vowed to myself), thus leaving the Republican Party.
90. When boyfriends called the house, my sister Mary and I would trick them by letting her pretend it was me. It worked every time.
91. I love lists. Of anything.
92. I must plan ahead for everything and loathe spontaneity, yet I am always late.
93. Aaron proposed to me on the log ride at the zoo. I didn't say yes right away because I was so flabbergasted.
94. I have to have a real Christmas tree…none of that artificial crap.
95. I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
96. I vowed never to ride a plane. Once I did, I found out that I loved it.
97. My dream house is a cottage at the base of the mountains in Germany.
98. I hate amusement parks. The merry-go-round makes me tense up and nauseous.
99. I love to camp. In a tent.
100. I’ve always wanted to break a bunch of glass just for the heck of it. You know, throw it against a building or something.

Now that you are properly bored and ready to go to bed (if you haven’t fallen asleep already), I will now say THANK YOU for making my 100th blog post possible. If you didn’t read the blog, it really wouldn’t be worth writing.


erin & tyler said...
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erin + tyler said...

Oh! I think about Coffee Pot-Pourri every once in a while, too! I remember Bryan Roemer always asking me to give him free cookies.

Melissa said...

Really? 100 things about you - WOW! I think you could have kept going and going and going... can't wait until your 200th blog! In anticipation for your 500th - maybe you better get started now!

I must admit my favorite is the little story about driving in the country with your family just for fun and when you'd ask your mom where you were going - she'd say CRAZY. Being a parent now myself... I can appreciate her response and assure you that she wasn't joking... she was serious!!! :-)