Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby's First Library

I've been waiting to unveil my latest project for some days now, but I had to wait until I presented them to my sister, Mary, for her baby shower. She is due on September 20th, but the doctor says she'll go early. The baby's name is Olivia Rose (and by the way, Ex Libris means "from the library of" Olivia Rose). I created these little drawings, had them sized down, and made them into bookplates. Then I inserted them into some books I bought for Olivia to start her library. The books I chose were my parents' favorite books, "Where the Wild Things Are" and some Little Golden Books, specifically "We Help Daddy." Oh, and "Olivia," of course.

I scanned these in, but Blogger doesn't upload PDFs, so I'll have to transfer them to MS Paint and re-upload them.

This one didn't photograph well, so I'll definitely re-upload it later...

And the Baby Shower outfit...

I will have baby shower photos to post tomorrow.

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