Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Three years ago today, a little Mademoiselle was born, Mademoiselle Foo Foo. I love this little puppy so much. I think about her when we're on vacation. I worry that she doesn't get enough love when I'm playing around on the internet. I kiss her and squeeze her and hug her...kind of like that creepy girl that was always tormenting animals on "Tiny Toons." And I say to her quite often, "I don't have a baby, so you're my baby. Who's my baby? Who's the good girl?" It's really pretty pathetic, and I used to make fun of people like me. You know, the kind that dress their animals up and put them in little purses and treat them like people. But if you have a dog, you know how it is.

Cupcakes for the birthday girl. Well, she didn't get to eat them, but it's like bringing the special treat to elementary school on your birthday, so everyone else got one.

As a side note, I got my hair trimmed today, which was kind of embarrassing because my last trim was at Great Clips, and according to today's hair stylist, they butchered my hair. But fear not, because she fixed it! She styled it so that when I walked in the door, Aaron said that I looked like I should be on "That 70s Show," which is unsettling because if there was ever a hairstyle I didn't want, that would be it. But luckily my hair holds no curl, and it quickly became straight again.


Judy in Indiana said...

You are so beautiful, and so is your little FooFoo.

erin + tyler said...

Aubrey! I say the SAME thing to our kitty. Since I have no babies, he's my little baby kitty. How funny!