Friday, October 2, 2009

Clothes and stuff

Bought a new skirt at Wal-Mart. I generally scope out the clothes at Wal-Mart because (1) they're cheap; (2) they actually fit; and (3) they really hold together. I've actually been looking for a knee-length pleated black skirt, and this is what I found for only $15! Then I got dressed this morning and realized that Mademoiselle Foo Foo and I were both wearing grey sweaters. And if you're like Aaron, you think that dressing a dog is just plain wrong, but the poor little thing shivers in our igloo of a house and just loves wearing her sweaters (one for when her fur is thick, and a smaller one for when she's trimmed). Her eyes are not really creepy. In fact they're quite lovely and black and's the flash that makes her look possessed.

I know it's really fall when I get my boots from last year's anniversary out. They are so warm and comfy! Of course, I also told Aaron that you know it's fall when you take the air conditioner out and put another quilt on the bed (and then proceeded to squeal with delight when the window unit was taken out and the window put back in).

It fit so well after my surgery, but I've gained most of my weight back so that now it puckers and doesn't button all the way. Oh well. There's another surgery on October 23rd coming up, so I'll be able to fit into it again soon (I suppose there really is a bright spot to surgery).

I told you in my last post that I used to draw more realistically than the funny little pictures I do now.
This is a painting I had to do in high school. We had to pick a still life to paint, and Jacob was a baby, so I snatched his bath stuff and painted away.

Kelly as a baby (bathtime). By the way, this is my all-time favorite drawing.

Jacob as a baby (ice cream time)

And Lucy as a baby

I guess with the new niece and nephew this year, I had better brush up on practicing my drawings!

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Judy in Indiana said...

Two posts? You are knocking me out of the balpark, though I did make one post yesterday. I love your art. Do you need a lamp for your lightless room?