Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fashion I Fancy

Being home from work has caused all sorts of temptations. Internet surfing engulfs a large amount of my time and keeps me busy, but now I want all of these beautiful goodies that I wouldn't have had time to find if I was working. Here's what I'm pining after:

Vintage Green Flower Necklace
(Hint: this would make a fairly inexpensive Christmas gift) :-)

Shop: alovebizarre
Vintage Sky Blue 1960's Dolly Mini Dress

Soothing Song Heels

The Villette Capelet

Edgar Allen Bow Dress

Dewey Decimal Dress

Strawberry Chiffon Dress

Banana Republic
Petite Ruffle Cardigan
Deep Fuschia

Banana Republic
Petite Ruffle Tweed Shift Dress

J. Crew
Perfect Pencil Skirt
Bright Blue

Ann Taylor Loft

Squareneck Knit Dress
Deep Winter Teal


A girl can dream, can't she?

1 comment:

Judy in Indiana said...

Those heels are cute! I will get you my jam recipe. You don't have to use fruit that is in season, you just have to stick to the recipe, which I am bad at. I always like to add stuff, but with canning and freezer stuff you just can't always get away with it.

You can get strawberries year round,so they are always a good, safe choice.