Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dress code for furry friends

A few photos from the week (outfits, quality kitty time, and such):

This is actually a necklace I already had and a broach that I just pinned around the necklace to look like one of those new styles that Emma Pillsbury wears on "Glee." I think I may stop by the craft shop to pick up some necklace and flower combinations and make some from scratch. Though I've never made a necklace before...could be interesting.Also, these are the little items my Aunt Judy sent me a little while back that I just love:

Thanks, Aunt Judy! (And by the way, I do love little hankies and I don't have one, so if you still don't have a home for one of them, I'd be happy to take it off your hands the next time I see you. If not, no biggie. ) :-)
I have a doctor's follow-up appointment tomorrow...wish me luck!


Diane said...

i really love that last skirt! so pretty!!!

Judy in Indiana said...

Oh yes. a shout out for me on your blog! Where o where did those little hankies go? I suspect they are hiding in a drawer, so I will look for them. Whenever I have something I don't know what to do with I just open a drawer and toss it n. Then I plant my feet firmly and use all my might to shove the too full drawer closed! Ha!

You look very sexy and a bit naughty in the apron. Emma Pilsbury has nothing on you!