Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Spy...

Do you know what this could be?

It's an early Christmas present for Aaron and me.

We're so excited that we own this old piece of wood and metal beauty...a genuine antique phonograph!

I think it's best to dress up even if no one sees gives motivation to my day. If I were wearing sweatpants every day, I'd probably just zone out on the sofa all day every day. I really love this dress:

Eyelet Trim Shift Dress

It reminds me a bit of the blue dress Maria wears in "The Sound of Music."

I have a new plan for the blog, and I'd love your input. I often get new visitors to the site, but they don't seem to come back. I wonder if my posts are a bit disjointed, messy, disconnected, or just plain boring. What would you like to see? What would keep you coming back? I was thinking of having a theme for each day of the week:

Monday: Who's that girl? A post on a new celebrity girl each week and how to dress like her.

Tuesday: Book Report A post on a new book, as well as favorite foods and music

Wednesday: Arts and Crafts A post on a new project of mine

Thursday: My Favorite Things A post on my favorite outfits, collectibles, jewelry, etc.

Friday: Who are you? A post about a different person each week,
an interview with friends and family.

Saturday: Craft Bazaar A post on a new craft found on other sites and blogs

Sunday: Blog of the Week A post on my new favorite blog

What do you think? Be brutally honest now!


Hildawg said...

I'm glad you guys got that phonograph!

Judy in Indiana said...

I love your blog plan. My blog plan? To update more frequently.