Friday, January 29, 2010

Its An Addiction Thing

I think I have a problem (okay, maybe more than one). I tend to collect things that I really like...which really adds up to a lot of stuff. I also have a thing with Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores...I can't walk out without a pile full of stuff that I didn't know I needed before I walked in.

I collect...

coffee table books (Barnes and Noble $2)

And calendars. I am obsessed with calendars. I have a religious one on the wall in my office at home, one that work gave me on the wall in my cubicle, one on my computer, a German page-a-day calendar on my desk at work, and I finally received my weekly planner today...Jack Vettriano (whose paintings I just absolutely love). 

You may recognize his paintings, like my favorite one here that I am just dying to buy in sofa size to put above my couch:

Oh, I and I like to collect stationery...lots and lots of stationery. I can't wait to write a little note using my new "Ciao Bella!" notecards (Barnes and Noble $2), and I tend to have my Christmas cards bought a year ahead (Barnes and Noble $2/box).

Love, love, love my new lunchbox. The gals at work just ooh'd and aah'd over it. Aaron said fairly sceptically "You like owls now?" I guess I do (I suppose I'm taking after my Grandma who also likes them). I just think these particular owls are so cute and funky.

Of course, I'm a little tiffed at Borders. I ordered this weekly planner (which was so much better!)...
...on December 28th (late in the game, I know). So then a few days later, I checked the status, which was "backordered until January 15 - January 25." So I waited (patiently, oh so patiently) for my planner. On the 25th, I decided to call Borders. I did, they checked the order, and proceeded to say, "The supplier shows that there are no more in stock and that they won't have any more in. We'll go ahead and cancel your order." Seriously?? Nearly a month into the new year, when there are no good calendars left??

Oh well. Doisneau, you brilliant photographer, you. I will wait for you until next year when I begin my 2011 calendar collection.

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