Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beware of dog...

One of the daily events that fill my heart with love and send me to giggling is when the neighbors walk down the road to exercise.

 "Why" you ask?

Because as soon as Foo Foo sees them coming, she begins shaking and purses her lips in a low growl. Then she lets loose and barks like mad and runs all over the house to watch them from the different windows. If she loses sight of them, she begins to cry.

How can you stay mad at an adorable little face like that?

Capelet - Forever21

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Judy in Indiana said...

FooFoo looks like she could chase people down and bite them in the biscuits! Sporry about your calendar problem. I think you should pull out pictures you like from the calendar pages and buy matts and frames for them and hang them in your house. Three of anything counts as a collection so you can have framed colections of pictures in various places throughout the house untill all your wall space is taken.