Sunday, February 28, 2010

Celebrate Good Times

Today we celebrated Aidan's 1st Birthday. Lucy started the party off by giving Ben a noogie.

Birthday boy with Auntie Rachel
Who's this?
Cousins don't shake hands...cousins hug! Come here!
Going for a walk
Or maybe I'll just take the shortcut.
Cousins Elijah and Aidan with Auntie Lucy
Oh, Grandma! You make me laugh!
Where's my cake???
How to properly eat a birthday cake:

Test it out with your fingers.
Try a little taste.
Begin smearing on face and hands.
You've got the right idea, Mom!
Why isn't anyone holding my cake for me?
Ohhhh! Mickey Mouse's ears come off...this is a much better way to eat!

Time for presents!
Um, Mom? I'm a little sleepy. Do you mind if I take just a little nap here while we open gifts?
Baby Livi just loves her Grandpa.
Oh, Grandpa! Your beard is itchy!
Here, let me show you how that camera really works!
Jenny pouting. Maybe because...
Ben had a little too much sugar.
Great Grandma and Baby Livi
Grandma Workman was nice enough to make me this owl picture because of my owl lunch box. But look closely, it's not a drawing, but rather it's stitched on! What a talented lady!
Good party, Aidan! Happy Birthday!

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Stephanie said...

I LOVE all of your pictures, and I stole some for Facebook :) Thank you SO much for Aidan's gifts; they were so thoughtful and beautiful and PERFECT!!! My baby is SO lucky to have so many people who love him :)