Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Old Days

My husband kindly carried a box out of storage that held old photo albums from my childhood, awards from grade school, and my high school yearbooks. I found these pieces to be especially fun. Don't you just love looking through your old things?

This is one of the first stories I ever wrote (from 1st grade). Apparently manners were very important to me as a child, too!

This is from when I visited Uncle Scott and Aunt Judy (who wasn't yet my aunt at that time) with Grandma.

It says:
My Best Day
One day we went to Indianapolis. Grandma and me we went to my Uncle Scott's house. My Uncle Scott and Judy were there. For supper we went to Steak and Shake. The next morning we hadd eggs and pancakes. To Angela's mom and dad's house. Then my family and me went to the Children's Museum and then we went home.

The End

This drawing of circles was apparently made for me by Jennifer, or "Jen-Jen Baby."

And a birthday card from my brother Jesse:

Ahh, brings back old memories.

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Judy in Indiana said...

That is too funny. (I want to be in the skinny family.)