Monday, March 8, 2010

How Precious Life Is

On Saturday we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of my sister's bone marrow transplant.

Rachel, the survivor
 Jennifer, the donor
 Bethany, the friend
 There was shuffleboard
 and ping pong.

It was so nice to see everyone who helped us out when Rachel was very sick.

Of course, Livi didn't get any attention!


Mmmm! Nachos!
The pool shark 
The always adorable Kellyman
Rachel and friends
 Ping pong champ
Sisters, sisters
The brave woman who held the family together when Rachie was sick.
 Grandma made shirts for Jennifer and Rachel

My sister Rachel was diagnosed with CML as a kid and received bone marrow from my sister Jennifer 10 years ago. We are so grateful to have her here today. She is such a strong-willed, confident girl, and I thank God every day that He allowed us to keep her here on earth.

I think this is also a good time to make a case for big families. When we were kids, it seemed like everyone gave my family a hard time about having so many kids. If we would have had only 4 kids, we would not have had a matching donor for Rachel because Jenny was the match and was #5 in the birth line.

Jennifer, we are forever grateful to you for what you went through to save Rachel's life. You were a brave little girl with the "bucky" attitude that day, and you will always be a hero because of it.

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Judy in Indiana said...

I remember this like it was yesterday. We went three times a week to the hospital to take meals and sit with your parents. Noah loved seeing his relatives and going on wagon rides. After Rachel was dismissed from the hospital we drove by and Noah said "Riley Hospital?! That place is so much fun!" Then six weeks later Seth had heart surgery there.