Saturday, April 10, 2010

Appreciating the Arts

I'm back, everyone, and I have to say, I missed The Tulip Bulb while I was spending time with my husband and going to baseball games and such.

So to catch up, this is from two weeks ago. I took Kellyman and Pookie Pie to the Grand Reopening of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, which is beautiful and such a great improvement! We were very excited to see it!
Everybody was having a lovely time at the ribbon cutting. There were a lot of people, which was great to see.
There is now a kids' area.
Lucy made a puzzle based on the Andy Warhol soup can artwork.
There is a screen that children can "paint" on using digital paint and drawing.
And a small hideaway area with magnetic words everywhere to make sentences with.
I was entranced by the chandelier.
And I just loved this little girl shoving the entire cupcake in her mouth. She was definitely having a good time!
I got in trouble for taking this picture....oops!
The girls and I loved the giant colorful balloons outside the museum.
Lucy showed off her Taekwondo moves. Aint no bad guys gonna mess with this girl.
We were a bit hungry, so I surprised the girls with Coney Island. Cheap eats that are oh so yummy!
Coke in a bottle...I don't know why anyone would order anything else to drink there.
After our bellies were full, we ventured through the rest of downtown to take pictures of the various landmarks. I have decided that there are no good postcards of Fort Wayne and that I will make my own. This is a photo of the girls acting silly in front of the Botanical Conservatory.
And the Embassy (Carol Lombard's plaque)
Then we went to Headwaters Park for even more pictures.
The girls reenacted "Titanic" because this metal fence looked just like the front of a boat. I don't think Lucy really knew what was happening, but she went along with it very well.
Then we took this picture,
so we could make this one, which is on my desk at work. It is one of my favorites.
In the afternoon we went to the Fort Wayne Ballet for La Sylphide, which was absolutely enchanting.

And the Fort Wayne Philharmonic played for the performance, which is a huge bonus!
I bought Lucy a little flower wreath with ribbons on it, just like the ballerinas had, and she looked lovely in it.
After the ballet, I took the girls back home and spent some time with the family. It was Jacob's birthday after all (I figured taking the girls away for the day was a good birthday gift).

Pookie and Her Homies
This little munchkin is just absolutley adorable....everyone in the neighborhood loves her.
And she loves to give hugs....BIG hugs!

Most of the neighborhood kids are afraid of Dad (who isn't really scary at all), but not this little tot!
Birthday boy
And then I went home and crashed on the couch.

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Judy in Indiana said...

What a great girls' day out. Scott and almost got married at the Botanical Conservatory. We checked their calendar and the only date available was Dec 23rd so we took it. Then we decided that we didn't want to be married so close to Christmas and cancelled it. It would have been beautiful, all decorated for Christmas though.