Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guard Dog

Mademoiselle Foo Foo does not like stray cats, particularly black cats. She loves Buster (Buster is orange), and she tolerates Dracula (Dracula is white with black spots), but black cats? Not on her turf.

One day, the pea hens (who now live at the zoo), were eating the catfood left out for Buster and Dracula, when what should appear....but black kitty with white stripes!

"Can I have some, too?" he asked the pea hens.

The pea hens consulted each other and said, "Absolutely not."

Away went black kitty with white stripes.
But Foo Foo, who was watching all of this from the bedroom window, growled under her breath, for she knew better. Black kitty with white stripes would be back.
He sat by the car, waiting...
while Foo Foo stared him down.
Soon the pea hens were quite full and left.
In swooped black kitty with white stripes!
He ate and he ate...
and Mademoiselle Foo Foo found this to be quite disturbing, but she could do nothing to stop him but bark and bark!
So black kitty with white stripes left, but we all know...
he will return.

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