Thursday, May 27, 2010

Post 200!!!

This being a momentous occasion - my 200th post - I am unveiling the first set of senior portraits I've ever taken to those of you in the internet community who have not seen them yet. My sister Jennifer was my very photogenic model. Enjoy!





Ms. Roboto
 We saw a bunny rabbit!
 "I don't think I can get into that pose!"
 I said, "Hello, Mr. Squirrel," and he stood up and posed for the camera!
 I went to the car to grab the umbrella for a prop, and this was the scene when I came back. Jennifer looks rather forlorn. The squirrel tried more than once to climb into her purse.


Grandma said...

These are fabulous Aubrey, I think you have just found a new career!!

Judy in Indiana said...

You do great work!