Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stars and Stripes and Birthday Wishes

This is turning out to be the busiest of summers, and last weekend was no exception.

I awoke to this glorious sight.

And then I looked up at just the right moment to see a plane flying very low over the house.

It happened to be my birthday. I had an offsite meeting, and Aaron was so sweet that he had flowers delivered to me there.
And my co-worker "Thelma" gave me these...don't they look like something I'd like? She has good taste.
I made little "Alice in Wonderland" cupcakes like in my favorite Wonderland movie. They look quite lovely and perfect. Unfortunately, no one ever tells you how awful fondant icing tastes and how it is nearly better to eat playdough then this chewy tasteless stuff. I took them to work as well as some poorly iced (yet quite yummy) buttercream frosting cupcakes for my birthday treat. It was quite unfortunate.
Another very thoughtful coworker gave me this lovely bracelet, Baekgaard photo frame, and Baekgaard jewelry holder.
And can you believe it, we went to the Tin Caps baseball game with Jesse and Stephanie that night for my big day, and Aaron had them announce my name and age and put it on the scoreboard??!!! I think I'll keep him.

On Friday, we went to my favorite restaurant, JK O'Donnell's. There were 25 of us. I wore my super duper birthday dress.
JK O'Donnell's is such a lovely pub, but it's especially nice because my sisters were allowed with us in the family room there. Here we are with Stephanie, my sister-in-law.
Well, I didn't get very many photos unfortunately. But I did get lots of wonderful gifts. A book and a singing card from Chris and Julia.

And Katie bought me a whole box (which is also quite adorable) full of crafting supplies!
Rachel and Jenny, the sweet sisters they are, bought me a photo frame, a delicious smelling cinnamon apple candle, and a gift card to Payless (everyone is aware of my shoe addiction, and I'm glad I have sisters who feed that addiction).
Aaron got me a picnic basket, which we used on Saturday, after which we went on a hike in the local nature preserve.
The basket is so came with a salt/pepper shaker, utensils, a cooler area for the food...
....napkins, plates, and glasses.

The funny thing is that I had just been at the store the day before and thought to myself, "We need a picnic basket" and very nearly bought one. Doesn't he know me so well?
On Saturday, we went to a couple of bonfires with terrific friends to celebrate Memorial Day. I dressed with patriotic spirit. I am so grateful to all of our veterans for what they have given us.

On Sunday, the cute little family came over for a cookout at our house, just us 5.

Aidan loves goldfish crackers, obviously.

He also likes to play the piano with Mommy.

We ate a crazy feast of beer-bottom chicken on the grill, blueberries, strawberry shortcake, salad, pasta salad, corn on the cob...whew! I was stuffed!

So Aidan stayed up late with us and looked quite adorable and munchy in his little pj's and pacifier.
On Monday, Memorial Day, we went to the cute little family's house to celebrate the holiday and also their coming home!

Does this look familiar? I think it was strawberries this time.
And back out again.
Stephanie has taken in some tiny little kittens. Aren't they the cutest? You should hear them's so tiny!

And then I was tired and ended my very wonderful weekend!

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