Saturday, November 20, 2010

Burberry Love and Emma Watson

So K's Merchandise went out of business, and they're having a liquidation sale. All of these people from work were raving about the good deals they got on quality items. It was $6 to get in, but I got a pass from someone so I got in for free. I saw on the commercials that they had $5 digital cameras, so I thought: Well, it's worth a shot!

The cameras were a quarter of the size of my hand and 1.2 megapixels. So that was a no go. Aaron told me to look for PS3 games...but they didn't have anything he'd be interested in. The rest of the stuff was junk, and the whole area was packed with rednecks and thugs.

But I did find these. Yeah, I know, they're not the real thing. But I can pretend they are.

A Coach bag....

and a Burberry.

I just love Burberry. I particularly love their ads...beautiful fashions, beautiful photographs. I love their little plaid scarves and bags. And I adore Emma Watson. She looks so amazing in these photos that at first I didn't recognize her. But they are by far my favorite fashion ads.

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