Monday, November 22, 2010

Game Day - Part 1

This season Aaron and I were able to snag tickets to the Notre Dame vs. Western Michigan game. Although this isn't my first choice of Notre Dame games to pay to see, I didn't think we'd get tickets at all, so we were actually very lucky. I am a HUGE, DIE HARD NOTRE DAME FANATIC. Every year I wait for Notre Dame football like children wait for Christmas, making their wish lists months in advance. The span between seasons is nearly intolerable, and when the first fall-like day arrives, I get a little antsy knowing that Fighting Irish football is almost here.

Participating in Game Day festivities is essential. Plan to spend the entire day on campus. We've gone to 3 games in the last 4 years, so we've gotten to do a little bit of everything.

Of course, the Grotto is a very important, very solemn landmark on campus. It is like the grotto at Lourdes, France where the miracle of Bernadette occurred (one of my favorite stories!). It is a place for quiet prayer, reflection, and honor. There is a stone from Lourdes embedded in the rock.

 Before a game, everyone lines up along the sidewalks of the Basilica to watch the players walk through. We had a great view, so that I could get photos head on. One time my mom even groped Jimmy Clausen's arm and then pretended that she didn't do anything. She claims that she barely touched his arm.
 Brian Kelly...looking right at me! Probably thinking, "Great. Another photo. These people are so lame."
 Dayne Crist

My man...Robert Hughes! One of the most underrated Notre Dame players, a running back. Every time he's in the game, he makes an extraordinary play. And yet, he's second's just not right, I tell you. But as soon as they put him in the game, the entire stadium says "HUUUUUUUGHES!!!!" When Aaron and I went to our first Notre Dame game, we thought everyone was booing, but they were really just saying Hughes.
"Hmmm....looks like I need to clean my fingernails."
 It was funny...out of all the tons and tons of people on campus, we ran into not just one Eichman family, but TWO! We had to get a photo of my uncle and cousins to show off to all the other cousins.

 The majestic Golden Dome

 The Basilica of the Sacred Heart

 Inside the Main Building

 I like these photos because they look like giant petri dishes.

 There are beautiful murals along the hallway into the Main Building. Here is Christopher Columbus.
Inside the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Isn't it absolutely spectacular??? I haven't gone to Mass there yet, but I definitely will!

More to come...stay tuned!

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