Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Trick or Treating!!!

Dracula Kitty says, "I want to suck your blood on Halloween!"
(or if you just gave me a little mouse, that would be okay, too)
Some little drawings to decorate the house:
Mom and the kids came over last night and we ate spaghetti, then some baked apples and apple cider, cookies, candy, popcorn...ugh. I did not feel well, needless to say. Especially since I made Aaron buy me some pumpkin doughnuts, which I snacked on earlier in the day.

We were in costume briefly. I am too hideous a Marilyn Monroe to show them. Note to self...I don't make a good blonde and red lipstick is not a good thing on me (yikes!).
After all that food, we were going to carve pumpkins, but we were much too tired (no doubt from full bellies!) so we sat down to watch "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." Very cute family movie, from a time when Disney actually made decent movies.
What are you doing this Fright Night?
Captain Foo says,
"Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!"

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